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  • Understand Your Health Insurance Policy

You should review your policy (or contact your insurance carrier for a copy) to determine what mental health benefits are in your policy (i.e. coverage of mental health services, types of services that are covered, amount paid for these services, and verify if action is required on your part to have treatment covered). 

  • Review Your Billing/Explanation of Benefit Statement

As a courtesy, our clinic will bill your insurance company, however, it is important to understand your policy's deductible, co-pay, or any amount not covered by your insurance policy. If you do have any questions about a billing statement from our clinic, please call 316-686-7884 and select option 2 for the billing department. Our billing department business hours are 9a-12p and 1p-5p.

  • If You Need Help Understanding Your Policy

If you have an employer-sponsored health insurance policy, your human resources department may be able to provide additional contact information. You can also visit  websites such as, or the state insurance commissioner for more information.

We are an "in-network" provider for most major insurance carriers. Please check with your insurance provider to verify if Ralph Bharati, M.D., P.A. is "in-network."

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